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Wealth Management

By design, Asset Management Strategies, Inc. was created to provide wealth management services to the investor with honor as its anchor point. The assessment of an investor's investment portfolio, retirement objectives, needs analysis for estate planning and/or long-term care planning, as well as a legacy goal is performed on a fee-basis. These options are assessed, prepared and presented at an hourly rate.

Solutions that involve the actual management and monitoring of investment assets and the execution of asset allocation strategies are performed on a percentage-of-assets fee. Basing our fees on a percentage-of-assets provides transparency not typically found in commission-based services. In addition, both you and Asset Management Strategies, Inc. benefit as your assets increase over time, aligning our incentives. Your growth leads to our growth.

In providing wealth management services, we also manage trust assets and guardianship accounts. Trusts are typically designed for the investor to exercise control over assets today, while planning to distribute those assets as a legacy. Guardianships, on the other hand, are designed to provide current care for minors and/or disabled adults while living.

A key aspect to our wealth management process is collaboration with your trusted professional advisers. Upon your approval, we will work closely with your other advisers to ensure all planning is coordinated and implemented so every element of your plan reflects your values and goals. This serves as a foundation for all the other work that we do for you.