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Trusts & Guardianships

As a premier wealth management firm working with clients across the United States, we are uniquely positioned to help alleviate the stress and risk often associated with acting as either a personal or professional trustee.

For many years, Asset Management Strategies, Inc. has provided advice to trustees concerning appropriate decision making that seeks to preserve and grow investment portfolios. Our experience of managing millions of trust dollars, and collaborating with trustees, guides us in supporting the trustee with their fiduciary responsibilities. This allows the personal trustee to focus on simply helping their beneficiaries or allows the professional trustee to remain centered on their core business.

The same holds true for personal or professional guardians. Just as a trustee has fiduciary responsibilities, so does a guardian. Our trust experience is mirrored by our guardianship experience. We understand the role of supporting both with their responsibilities to act in their clients’ best interest.

Our Open Architecture investment approach gives trustees and guardians access to premier institutional investment managers and non-proprietary investments, which affirms and supports their fiduciary responsibility.