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We strive to accomplish our wealth management mission/vision through a caring team approach, where genuine relationships, sound investment strategies and professional alliances with accountants, attorneys and guardians help yield more reliable results.

Our values provide a foundation of personal care:

Relationships are paramount─our relationships with clients are authentic and deep, built on trust and integrity.

Our premier level of personal service operates with the understanding that priorities most important to a client may go beyond their investments.

We are fortunate to enjoy many ongoing client relationships that have lasted over 20 years. We believe relationships are built on trust, the ability to truly listen, honest communication and an ongoing demonstration of competence and success. The result is high-touch, quality service to our clients with genuine care for their needs and concerns.

Successful wealth management requires attention to detail, personalized care and knowledgeable market assessments. Our service offers each of our clients a personalized wealth strategy in the form of tailored investment strategies, investment selections, and support for trusts, guardianships and estate plans. The execution of our clients' wealth strategy is performed and monitored on an on-going basis.